If You Want To Believe in God You Also Have to Believe in Yourself

Did you know the conversation between God and Moshe at the Burning Bush, where Moshe gets his instructions to lead the Jews out of Egyptian slavery LASTED SEVEN DAYS?? Seven days where Moshe refused the mission. Why?? What was Moshe trying to accomplish? Did he succeed? And what practical lessons can we learn from this amazing chapter in human history?



What You See Is Who You Are

You get to choose the world you live in. This is one of the most important truths of being alive — and yet so few people realize they have this awesome power. In this week’s talk, we learn how it all works and how to shape your life into an awesome adventure.

Are You Ready To Forgive Yourself?

Do you even know how to forgive yourself? Listen to this talk and take the first step forward.

The World Changing Power of Saying Hello

We’re living in a cult of celebrity where people think you need a big following to change the world. But it isn’t true. From ancient days until the present everything can turn on one hello.

Zoom Talk in Mexico City with David Sacks and Gedaliah Gurfein 8am PST

Wednesday December 16th 8am PST  David Sacks: Join Zoom Meeting with Gedaliah Gurfein https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81282862883

The Greeks Tried to Impurify My Mind

Holy Friends, everything is a miracle. This is the truth. Everything. Nothing has to be what it is. You are not stuck. Nature? It’s all miracles. Every sunrise and sunset. Do you know why you don’t see it? Because nature is just a miracle that you’re bored with! Listen to this talk and realize that you’re never alone, wherever you go, whatever you do. Be the light. Happy Chanukah.

Hanukah 2020: How Are We Ever Going To Fix Our Eyes?

Chanukah is the FIXING OF THE EYES. It’s goes even further than that. The Zohar is teaching us that it’s Fixing the eating from the Tree of Knowledge. How? By giving us the deepest sense of clarity. As an extra bonus, this talk also includes the secret to happiness. G-d is good!


The Holiness of Humor
What The Butterfly Knows





Turkey Gumbo
In the Palace