Yom Kippur Message – 30 minutes

A little strength for the big day!



Zoom Talk Today – David Sacks 10am Los Angeles Time

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Rosh Hashana 2020: Heart Mind Body and Soul

The Holy Aish Kodesh, the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto, teaches that since Rosh Hashana is the day we ate from the Tree of Knowledge, it’s also the day that we have to fix it. Everything boils down to this question: Is my body an extension of my soul? Or… is my body something different, something that covers my soul? The way we answer this question reverberates in all the worlds. Join me on an incredible journey in Torah learning and self-discovery. Happy New Year!!!
Your Friend, David

The Power of Community

Amazing stories this week from World War Two, and the miraculous journey Jews made from war torn Poland to Shanghai, China. We also look deeply into the mitzvah of bringing your first fruits to the Holy Temple, and why that mitzvah was worth creating the entire world for. Have a Great Week!

Time of Return 2020 – Uplifting Desire

Stopping a harmful behavior is one thing. But what do we do when the desire to return to that behavior continues to burn in our hearts? In this week’s talk, we discuss how we wage war on our negative inclinations and useful strategies on how to transform and uplift our deepest desires.

Elul – The Month of Conceiving the New World

We all stand on the precipice of a new world, one that Hashem is looking to create with us. In this week’s talk, we discuss ways to bring about a wonderful new year loaded with revealed blessings for the good!


The Holiness of Humor
What The Butterfly Knows





Turkey Gumbo
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