Yom Kippur – The Day of Purity

It’s coming!!! The greatest holiest day of the year!!!

Elul – The Month of Conceiving the New World

We all stand on the precipice of a new world, one that Hashem is looking to create with us. In this week’s talk, we discuss ways to bring about a wonderful new year loaded with revealed blessings for the good!

The Love / Freedom Connection

Now we are free. But free to do what? In this week’s talk, we discuss the Love / Freedom connection. How true freedom requires a plan, and the realization of that plan needs the exalted dimension of Oneness. If that doesn’t make complete sense yet — it will if you take a listen.

Passover 2020: What is Freedom??

From Zombies in Modern Movies to What to think about while eating Matzah, this week’s talk has lots of ideas to think about! Especially, a deep discussion about what Freedom is and isn’t and how we can get the most out of freedom’s end goal: being in a loving relationship with One who loves us the most.

Final Chanukah Thoughts

Transcendence is Built into the System

Seeing In The Dark

You are never alone. Even in the darkest of times. In this week’s talk, we look at how G-d finds ways to reach out to us even when we feel like He’s not there.

The Holiness of Latkes – Deep Stuff (For Real) 18 min

Latkes are holy?  Come on!  You can’t be serious!  What about Jelly Donuts on Hanukah?  Also, holy!  Really??  Yes!!   In this short talk (18 minutes) you will hear the connection between the manna that fell from heaven and the tradition of eating fried food on Chanukah.

Happy Chanukah!!

My Trip to Uman and The Baal Shem Tov

An Audio Travelogue! Adventures from the Ukraine spending the last Shabbos of the year with the Baal Shem Tov and then Rosh Hashanah with Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. This was my first time to both, and here are some stories!

Yom Kippur: The Great Day is Coming

We’re in this forever. Let’s take three steps back and get the big picture. It’s all about relationships.
In this week’s talk, we get a user friendly view of how to approach prayer, avoid “expectation davening” and get in sync with our most Awesome Creator.

13 Giant Questions (and a few little answers) 13 Giant Questions (and a Few Little Answers) for the High Holidays By David Sacks The High Holidays take us on a journey to the deepest places. Here are some questions…

Forget Loving God — Let’s Start With Liking

The Race to the New Year! All things are possible! In this week’s podcast we talk about the paradoxical offering that doesn’t bring atonement and yet, if you don’t bring it, you don’t receive atonement. And what does that have to do with LOVE. And how I can I love if I’m not even sure I like! Give a listen and all will be clear!

I Want a BLESSED New Year!!

A practical guide to getting blessed with a great new year!

The Secret Ingredient is: LOVE

We begin our preparations for the New Year with this week’s talk. Love is in the air, and we discuss how breakthroughs can be made when add that secret ingredient.

Pesach: The Capital of Breakthroughs

Passover is coming. A brand new talk featuring awesome insights from the Sfas Emes, Reb Shlomo, the Holy Ari and others! Deep thoughts on matzah and what it can teach us about life. And the secret history of how Shabbos became Shabbos!

Decluttering Your Soul

Can organizing your possessions be a gateway to personal freedom? In this week’s talk we explore the connection between searching and finding. Can you find that which you haven’t searched for? And are we still searching for things we no longer are interested in finding? And how all this ties into Passover!

The Secret Blueprint: Purim 2019

What am I doing in this world? Is there such a thing as Truth? Are my eyes the final authority or not? We dig deep into the big questions of life all through the endlessly amazing lens of the story of Purim. Good Purim!!!

The Creation of People

Why do we begin the Torah now? Why not on Rosh Hashana? It’s a famous question but here is a new answer!! This was recorded in the Happy Minyan Succah at 2am.