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Why I Write for Farbrengen

Why I Write for Farbrengen

I write for Farbrengen because of  the person who might read something inspiring and smile, or say hello to  someone homeless, or start lighting candles before Shabbat, or put on Teffilin  for the first time, or ask what is Teffilin? and then attend a class and realize that  Jews actually do believe in Heaven and an afterlife, and reincarnation, and the  fixing of the world and that every single recognition of G-d, especially a  recognition that is joined by a Holy action like eating Matzah on Passover, or  fasting on Yom Kippur, or dancing on Simchat Torah or on any day of the   year with someone, or alone in a forest or alone in a crowded room, is a huge mitzvah, and that being happy is a huge mitzvah, and for the one who asks  or  hasn’t yet asked why was I born, and why was the world created, and for  the one who refuses to accept that Jews have been living and dying for  thousands of years for nothing, and for the one who knows or doesn’t yet  know that the Torah is not a book, but is the blueprint of reality, and that all of  time and space, and all the souls of the world both Jewish and non-Jewish are  woven from its Holy letters, and for the one who knows or doesn’t yet know  that if something can be broken it can also be fixed, and that G-d loves us to  pieces, and that the whole reason He created the world was to give us a way  to become even closer to Him, and for the one who knows or who doesn’t   yet  know that the world is still in the process of being created, and that if you  see injustice or evil it’s because the world isn’t finished yet, and that the mitzvot  are the ways in which we bring the world to perfection, and that a  person is never rejected, and that the Holy ones of previous generations used  to wake up every day and say, “Today is the day I’m going to get it right,” and  for the one who knows or doesn’t yet know that it’s better to be poor and  happy than rich and miserable, and for the one who knows or doesn’t yet  know that G-d is creating and recreating the world every instant, and that  science is still catching up with Torah, and that it doesn’t matter how G-d  created us, but why G-d created us, and that it’s okay not to know everything  and that even if we wanted to know everything we still couldn’t, and that we  don’t want to worship a G-d we fully understand because that would make us  just as smart as G-d which is kind of ridiculous and for the one who knows or  who doesn’t yet know that there are 600, 000 root Jewish souls that  correspond to the 600,000 letters in a Torah scroll and that if one is missing the entire scroll is unusable which means that if one of our brothers or sisters is missing that invalidates everything including ourselves, and that therefore we  cannot rest until we’ve opened our eyes to who and where and what we are  and that we can’t stop until we’ve cried out to G-d to let us be who He  created us to be and do what He longs for us to do, and to never ever give up  until we return to the Holy land and proclaim with all of our hearts, and minds,  and souls and might that G-d is one.

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