Ending Arguments Forever

If all of us are holy, then do we decide what the truth is, or is there an ultimate truth that exists whether we acknowledge it, or not? And if there is a bigger truth, how do I communicate it without creating arguments? We discuss these topics in this week’s talk, and more. Have a great week! David



Zoom Talk with David Sacks 10am Los Angeles Time

David Sacks’ Spiritual Tools For An Outrageous World  10:00 AM Pacific Time  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84518048485?pwd=MERicXlxaU1LWFpQcHZNb04zSFRlZz09 Meeting ID: 845…

Working Through Trust Issues With God

Whether we fully grasp it or not, our most important relationship in life is with God. But can you have a meaningful relationship with anyone (much less God) when so many trust issues exist? In this week’s talk, we dig deep to reimagine the flow of time, and how to take the first steps in addressing the emotional wounds we’ve experienced along the way.

The Shocking Truth About Paradoxes

How can two opposite things be true at the same time? That’s only a problem if you limit yourself to the rules of this dimension. But once we incorporate additional dimensions into our thinking, suddenly equations change. On the one hand, we are 100 percent responsible for our actions and the world we live in. And yet, everything is in the hands of heaven. How? Listen to this week’s talk and find out. Have a Great Week! David

What is Success For You?

For most of us, life is a series of goals. Only when we achieve them do we feel like we’ve justified our existence. But what if we don’t? Is our worth really determined by our ability to get that job, or marry that person? In the week’s talk, we look at the JOURNEY of life itself as being the true DESTINATION, and how we can reorient ourselves to appreciate that we are far more than the goals we set for ourselves. Take a listen, and have a great week!

What Is Torah? Answering The Unanswerable

We count the days UNTIL we receive the Torah, but NOT the day we ACTUALLY receive it. Why, oh, why?? And while we are at it, why do we count the Jewish people but NOT the tribe of Levi? This and deeper explorations of how the Torah guides us through unknowable aspects of life in today’s talk. Join us for an invigorating mind/soul stretch!

The Good Time After The Hard Time

God blesses us with a special power to get through hard times. Learn what it is, and how to access it in this week’s talk. Have a great week!


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