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Like many new parents, getting your child to fall asleep

is especially challenging. Also, like many new parents,

my wife and I had a “eureka” moment when we made the connection

between long drives and our son falling asleep.

We thought, if we want him to nap, and we very much did,

why not put him in the car and just drive until he falls asleep?

Where to?

It didn’t matter. Just put him in the car and drive.

It actually worked.

One time, when checking to see if he was asleep,

(he wasn’t),

it occurred to me…

He thinks that I’m going somewhere… and that he’s just along for the ride.

He had no concept that the entirety of this enterprise was just for him.

And then I realized…

The same is true between us and G-d.

We think we’re just along for the ride.

But the truth is, Gd is driving us, and all of creation,

in a massive display of love

just to be in a relationship with us.

We are going someplace.

But in another sense, we’re also already there.

Because the deeper journey is all about our understanding

That wherever we go, He’s right there with us.


  • by David Sacks

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