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Why Did G-d Create The World?

Why Did G-d Create the World?

To be created in G-d's image means to be a giver. How do we go from being receivers to becoming givers? By giving! In this week's talk, we discuss why G-d created the world, and go back again to the Garden of Eden to uncover new insights into the human condition.
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Turning Belief Into Love

Turning Belief into Love

Receiving the Torah and Living the Torah are two different things. In this week's talk, we teach how to LIVE it!! All the information in the world will only get you so far if you don't know how to apply it. Learn how not just to sing the song, but how to become the song itself!
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The Art Of Torah, DNA And Destiny

The Art of Torah, DNA and Destiny

The Torah is beautiful. Because it is infinite it can be accessed in so many ways including through art. In the shapes of the Hebrew letters we see the intersection of art and holiness. In this week's talk, though the lens of the Hebrew letters, we take a trip into the DNA of creation and travel from the Garden of Eden, to Mount Sinai, to the End of Days and the perfection of the world.
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Unmaking A Fanatic

Unmaking a Fanatic

Pinchas wasn't a fanatic or a vigilante. He was unique in his ability to think and act from a selfless place. How did he…

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