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Spilled Ink

Spilled Ink

A group of non-believers came to a Rabbi’s house to debate the existence of Gd. When they arrived, they noticed a poem written in beautiful calligraphy.
They asked, “Who wrote this?” 

The Rabbi said, “A bottle of ink toppled over and spilled on a page and this is the result.” 

“Impossible!” they protested. 

“Each letter is distinct and beautiful! But more than that, the letters align themselves with just the right other letters to form words, and the words combine to form brilliant thoughts!  Such craftmanship and depth can’t be the result of ink randomly spilled on a page.” 

The Rabbi turned to the questioners and said,
“Look at the world.  It’s infinitely more complex than this poem.  If there’s a creator behind this, how much more so is there a Creator behind the universe itself.”

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