Revealing The Hiddeness of God

God is always here. The greatest proof of that is that WE are here. If God weren’t here, we wouldn’t be here. This is because God is keeping us alive and the world going every second — even when we can’t see Him or sense His presence. The greatest skill a person can develop is to see God in His hiddeness. In this week’s talk, we talk about how to take those first steps.



Check Out My New PURIM VIDEO!! (1 Minute)

Can I explain the PURIM MIRACLE IN ONE MINUTE? I’ll try. It’s pretty far out because there’s no splitting of the red sea OR anything overtly miraculous about this story. SO WHAT WAS THE MIRACLE??? WATCH AND SEE! 

Purim Is The Cure For My Heart

The Mitzvahs of Purim cleanse the heart. This Will Change Your Purim!!

Secrets To Connecting Even During The Low Times

The Holy Reb Nachman teaches that we have to be experts in running and experts in returning. This means that we have to know how to stay connected to God during the high times and even more so during the low times. But how? In this week’s talk we take an x-ray of the heart and look at ways to do it. Have a great week!

What’s Heaven Made Out Of?

Everyone’s place in Heaven is custom-made out of THE JOY that you gave God with all the good things that you did in your life time!! WOW!!

Coincidences, Taking a Shower, and Life After Death

Did you know that you can live your life in such a way that even after you die, the ideals you most cherish have a life-force to them that continues to impact the world? Here is a true life story of a funeral I attended this week and big lesson learned that shows how this all works. Also, how to take a shower in Torah way!

Zoom Talk with David Sacks 10am Los Angeles Time

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