David Sacks Zoom Tisha B’Av Kamtza Bar Kamtaz Discussion – 2pm Los Angeles Time

Note: No talk at 10am tomorrow / It will be at 2pm instead PST  Tisha B’Av /…



Joy in the Month of Av

Before there was darkness there was light. And that light permeates this world from the bottom to the top. The darkness we see is just an overcoat masking the true reality. The month of Av is the ultimate example of this. Listen and see what is really going on amidst the struggles and take heart in the good news ahead.

Receiving The Light Directly

The Torah predates the world, and yet it’s ever fresh. How do you go about balancing the two? In this week’s talk, we talk about creating closeness with the Divine, using the lives of Issac, Pinchas, and the sons of Aaron to weave a story that stretches from birth to our journey to the next world and beyond. Lots and lots to think about in this one! That’s a promise! Have a Great Week, David

Balaam: The Great Man That Wasn’t

How long is life? One moment, after one moment at a time. Each moment has never been, and will never be again. In this week’s talk, we talk about who Balaam could have been, and what we can do stay new always.

A Short History of Death

When and how did death enter into the world? And what does the spiritual purification from death teach us about who we are, and what lays beyond? Lots of cool stuff in this week’s talk. Have a great week!

Ending Arguments Forever

If all of us are holy, then do we decide what the truth is, or is there an ultimate truth that exists whether we acknowledge it, or not? And if there is a bigger truth, how do I communicate it without creating arguments? We discuss these topics in this week’s talk, and more. Have a great week! David

Working Through Trust Issues With God

Whether we fully grasp it or not, our most important relationship in life is with God. But can you have a meaningful relationship with anyone (much less God) when so many trust issues exist? In this week’s talk, we dig deep to reimagine the flow of time, and how to take the first steps in addressing the emotional wounds we’ve experienced along the way.