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Do You Value Yourself?

Do You Value Yourself?

We expect so much of ourselves, and of G-d and of the world, and it crushes us when things don’t work out.  The invitation to hate oneself seems to be extended to us everyday.  And yet, what is our success rate supposed to be?  In baseball, if someone get a hit one out of every three times at bat they go straight into the Hall of Fame.  That’s a whole different set of expectations.  With dating you can go on one hundred wrong dates and still marry your soul mate.  Deeper still is the question of balancing when is it me accomplishing something in the world, and when is it G-d?  After all, doesn’t everything come from Him?  And if that’s the case, how can I ever feel good about myself if it’s just Him doing it?  What is my role?  If I ascribe too much to myself it’s ego!  Too little and it’s poor self esteem!  How do I balance these things?  In this talk, we go into a several step program on how to do it with love!

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