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Why is Life So Confusing? – The Roots of Doubt

Why is Life So Confusing? – The Roots of Doubt

Dear Friends,

After the splitting of the Red Sea, we went without drinking water for three days.  We asked, “Is G-d among us or not?”  This was a different kind of doubt.  We obviously believed in G-d, after all we just witnessed one of the greatest miracles ever.  But then how could it be that now that we had a pressing need — G-d was seemingly not there for us?  Put another way, imagine you haven’t met your soul mate and you desperately want to.  You wonder if she even exists.  That’s one kind of doubt.  Now imagine you actually meet her, fall in love, and now mysteriously… she’s gone.  You wonder if she’s ever coming back, or if she still cares at all.  This form of doubt is perhaps even deeper and more painful, precisely because you know she does exists and you shared something meaningful together.  This is the test we went through after the sea split.  And this is what most of us experience when we doubt G-d.  Not whether He exists, but whether He cares.   In this week’s talk, we look into the roots of doubt, past lives, the snake in the garden of Eden, and why life is so confusing.  And we give some deep answers and advice.

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