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Perfection is on the Way

Dear Friends,
Perfectionism is that force that comes to us — not to try to improve what we are doing — but to tell us that nothing we do is good enough.   The good news is that all Hashem wants is for us to try our hardest and do our best.  When we fall short, we have to try our best to fix it.  But to be perfect?  Hashem is the only One that is perfect — and the good news is that in His goodness He implanted perfection into the world from the very beginning.  Our job is to reveal it!  The Mishkan — the Tabernacle in the desert — was a microcosm of the perfected world and thus the fitting culmination to the Book of Shemos/Exodus which we just completed.  Opening the final accounting of the building of the Mishkan (i.e. the perfection of the world) are the words “HaMishkan Mishkan”.  What does the doubling of this word hint at?  And how do we see all of these concepts in the name of Betzalel, the one who built it?  All this and more in this weeks talk.
Have a Great Week,
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