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Intellect vs. Wisdom

Intellect vs. Wisdom

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Intellect is good but wisdom is better.  Why?  Because wisdom is intellect plus life experience.  The Torah is the repository of all of the wisdom in the world.  The more we learn — the smarter it gets!  We are living now in the exalted month of Nissan.  Every day is like the holiday of Rosh Chodesh in this month.  Even more amazingly, the Shelah HaKodesh teaches that every hour of this month is like an entire day.  Part of the energy of this month comes from the fact that the Mishkan the holy tabernacle in the desert was dedicated.  The order in which the Mishkan was “activated” is fascinating.  First came the preparatory offerings of Moshe, then the actual official offerings by Aaron the Kohen Gadol, and then the offerings of the famous Nachshon, the one who jumped into the Red Sea causing it to split, on behalf the Tribe of Yehudah.  What does this teach us on a deeper level?  Ultimately, it all comes down to building the Mishkan in our hearts, and understanding what it means when the Kotzker Rebbe teaches that there is no heart as full as a broken heart.


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