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Making Sense of the Hard Times After the Good Times

Dear Friends,

Most people when asked will tell you that the greatest single miracle that Hashem performed was the splitting of the Sea.  So overwhelming is that event that relatively little attention is paid to the event that immediately follows.  Moshe leads the Jewish people to the wilderness of Sur where there is nothing to drink for THREE DAYS!  Putting aside the irony of walking through water and then not having any, what is Hashem trying to teach us by juxtaposing these two extreme events in our life?  Moreover, I wonder, what is the more difficult experience — the hard time that follows another hard time?  Or the hard time that follows the really good time?  And what does all of this have to do with the ultimate paradox in Torah — the par adumah — the ashes of the red heifer?  Finally, we take a look at the difference between waiting and humility with a detour into alchemy.

Have a Great Week,


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