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The Bumpy Road to Salvation

Dear Friends,
We discuss what salvation feels like in this week’s talk.  This week’s Torah portion begins with the words “And Yisro heard”.  What did Yisro, the father-in-law of Moshe, hear that caused him to travel to Jewish people?  Rashi, quoting the Gemara, says he heard about the splitting of the sea, and the war with Amalek.  Amazingly, a few verses later (Ex. 18:8) Moshe tells Yisro about “all the troubles” that had befallen the Jewish people since they left Egypt and how Hashem rescued them.  What troubles is Moshe referring to?  Rashi says, the splitting of the sea, and the war with Amalek!  The very same events!  How can that be?  This is the subject for today’s talk — the difference between hearing about a great salvation and experiencing one, and how that relates to our lives today.

Have a Great Week,


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