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Back To The Garden of Eden

Back To The Garden of Eden

Dear Friends,

We just began a new book in the Torah.  The book of Shemos or Exodus is both the account of the Jewish people’s enslavement in Egypt and also our redemption.  On a deeper level, it’s not just that Hashem and Moshe are taking us to Israel — remember we were in Israel already with Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov — it’s that we are leaving Egypt and GOING BACK to Israel.  That’s a very big difference!  On a cosmic level  this correlates with our exile from the Garden of Eden and the return that we are heading toward with arrival of Mashiach and the perfection of the world.  And it all begins with Moshe noticing the burning bush — a sight that according to the Kotzker Rebbe — others saw, but none bothered to investigate.  In other words, when we endeavor to search for the truth, Hashem brings salvation into the world.

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