How Can I Make My Heart Big Enough To Hold The Great Light?

Imagine I’m a great baseball player and I go up to someone who is playing football, and I laugh at him and say, “You have no idea how to play baseball! I’m so much better than you!” Who is the fool? I am! Here he is playing football — and all I can think is that he is playing baseball incorrectly! Each of us has a completely different mission in this world. Yours is different from mine, and mine is different from yours. The problems start when we look at each other and think we are playing the same game. This is where all the judgements, jealousies and disconnects begin. There is a competition going on — but it is between you and your own potential. Be supportive of everyone around you. Their victory is your victory. Their joy is your joy. Their blessings are coming straight from Hashem. All of ours are. When we make room for each other, we complete ourselves.

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